1008 Worlds

The mul­ti­ple Earths on this catalog’s cov­er were envi­sioned by a machine asked to imag­ine what the Earth looks like. No two are exact­ly alike. Every shift­ing cloud and con­ti­nent depicts a dif­fer­ent iter­a­tion of how the Earth could be.

The ways we build our world each day are sim­i­lar­ly dynam­ic. Every deci­sion made, no mat­ter how triv­ial, branch­es into end­less poten­tial paths. More pos­si­bil­i­ties exist for our Earth’s future than any one per­son could come up with alone. Some paths will lead us to a world ruled by love and dig­ni­ty, where life flour­ish­es. Oth­er worlds will dif­fer still. Some will see us sep­a­rate into oppos­ing sides and destroy our­selves, while oth­ers will see us work togeth­er, ready to explore the cos­mos. Many more future worlds remain dor­mant, until we bring them to life.

Which world will you choose to help create?

Trained on 14,142 images from using Style­GAN. With spe­cial thanks to Gene Kogan.

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